Masvidal scolds UFC commentators: ‘You should be embarrassed to call yourselves fighters”

The sordid saga of Jorge Masvidal vs. the UFC continues.

For the last several weeks, ‘BMF’ Champion Jorge Masvidal has been embroiled in a contract dispute with the UFC. Masvidal was the presumed No. 1 contender for Kamaru Usman’s welterweight title this summer, but talks stalled and then eventually fell apart entirely when it came to pay for the bout. Masvidal, of course, wanted more money and Dana White wanted Masvidal to honor the terms of his current contract. This prompted Masvidal to ask for his release from the company and publicly decry the fact that the UFC only pays fighters 18 percent of their overall revenue. The UFC then announced that Gilbert Burns would be getting the next welterweight title shot and things have been in a stalemate since then.

That stalemate continued this weekend as Dana White was asked to comment on the Masvidal situation and put the onus firmly on “Gamebred” for not wanting to fight.

“Masvidal is very much like the Diaz brothers,” White said. “He beats to the sound of his own drum and when he wants to do something, he does it. It’s not very surprising at all.”

But despite Dana White throwing him under the bus, Masvidal apparently does not have any enmity for the UFC President. Responding to White on Twitter, Masvidal said he felt bad for White, but was firm in his belief that the UFC was not acting in good faith.

But for all his magnanimity with White, Masvidal had far harsher words for the fighters-turned-commentators who have been toeing the company line in this dispute.


Specifically, the 2019 Fighter of the Year seems to be taking aim at Daniel Cormier, who in recent weeks has had much to say on the issue of fighter pay and how to properly negotiate with the UFC. In regards to Jon Jones specifically (who is currently embroiled in a similar pay dispute with the UFC), Cormier has chastised Jones for airing his grievances publicly and has, in general, seemed to be on the UFC’s side of these pay disputes. And Masvidal seemingly just fundamentally disagrees with Cormier’s approach to fight contracts.

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