McGregor blames head coach for Nurmagomedov loss (VIDEO)

Former two-weight UFC champion Conor McGregor lost his last UFC fight last year when the lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov submitted him in the 4th round.

The Irishman was totally outclassed by the Russian who dominated all of the 4 rounds. It was Conor’s first MMA fight in almost two years and a lot of people said that the rust got to him, but “The Notorious” thinks things could’ve been different if it wasn’t for his coach John Kavanagh strategy.

“My whole approach in that camp, the injuries and the non-commitment, the game plan and even the tactics were . . .” McGregor said.

“I’m an attacker. And my attack defends. But in this camp, for some reason, the entire focus was defense, defense. So in every round of the training, I would have my back against the fence. I would have my back on the floor. I would always put myself in a vulnerable position.

“As the camp went on, I just became defensive, defensive. That’s never what I did. It still irritates me to this day because the training partners I had . . . I trained with heavy people, 90-plus kilos. When we were wrestling, I broke my foot. It’s like a horse.  I’ve got another American Brazilian jiu-jitsu world champion that trains with me and was 200 pounds. They’re big, big boys.”

Even though Conor threw Kavanagh under the bus, last week the 42-years-old trainer said that he’ll be back in Conor’s corner for his UFC return this year.

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