McGregor’s coach wants Frankie Edgar fight this year

Conor McGregor’s coach John Kavanagh belives that a fight between his main man and veteran Frankie Edgar could happen before the end of the year.

“The Notorious” is belived to be ready to come back in the octagon at the end of 2019 and his trainer sees the Edgar bout as a good fit for him. “I think him and Frankie Edgar would be a great fight. I think it was in the works when Conor was kind of going on that featherweight tear. He’s an ex-champion, great fighter. Yeah, if it was me, I would love to see the Frankie Edgar fight this year if possible. And then go on another run in 2020. Frankie has a style that’s very difficult to deal with. But it’s also one we’re somewhat familiar with. Even from his first fight with Marcus Brimage. This small, fast guy, quick hands, wrestling. But Frankie’s just been in there with everybody. World champion, beaten legends like B.J. Penn and so on. I just think that’s a great match for the fans and for me. I’d love to see it”, Kavanagh told The Mac Life.

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