Bulgarian prime-minister was awarded with Ninth dan in taekwondo

Bulgarian prime-minister Boyko Borissov was awarded with the honorable Ninth dan in taekwondo in the World Taekwondo Headquarters KUKKIWON in Seoul, South Korea.

The hosts made an impressive demonstration of martial technics in front of their Bulgarian guest and the delegation that he led. After it Borissov was dressed in a traditional for the martial art kimono and broke a wooden plank with a hand himsef.

“In Bulgaria we also have very good competitors and coaches, many of your trainers have been to Bulgaria. During the regime to practice taekwondo in Bulgaria was prohibited, you couldn’t do it. The principles of taekwondo are very important, especially for the young – when you’re stronger you have to be patronizing the weaker ones, to use your strength to make peace, to be critical of yourself, nice to the others, to always give another chance to your opponent, the discipline, the hierarchy, but most of all not to be afraid of anything”, said Borissov.

Also awarded with the Ninth dan this year was the Belgium king Philip, while back in 2013 a belt and a diploma for the honorable dan in the martial art was given to the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

At the end of the demonstration the taekwondo practitioners waved the Bulgarian and South Korean flags.

Удостояване с почетния девети дан по таекуондо в Световната централа KUKKIWON

Публикувахте от Бойко Борисов в Сряда, 25 септември 2019 г.

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