Michael Bisping goes off on “little steroid cheating f**k” Chad Mendes

Michael Bisping has opened up on an unlikely beef with former three-time UFC featherweight title challenger Chad Mendes.

This unexpected beef between Bisping and Mendes stems from a May Instagram post from Bisping’s former opponent Tim Kennedy. In his post, Kennedy looked back on beating Bisping, and ripped into the Englishman for his trash talk.

On this day six years ago in the main event of the UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale I beat the living crap out of a foul mouthed asshole who is to this day still talking shit,” Kennedy wrote of his fight with Bisping. “I would care less except that he cheated in a fight against one of my friends, spit on another one of my friends, and then talks nonstop crap about the United States. So this dude has made it into my internal hall of douchebags.”

In the replies for this post, Mendes reportedly weighed in and shared his own gripes about Bisping.

Bisping did not appreciate the comments of the featherweight.

I did see Chad Mendes the wee f—ing sh—e,” Bisping said on his podcast Believe You Me. “He f—ing went on Tim Kennedy’s page and called me ignorant, disrespectful and all this type of stuff.”

Bisping continued, sharing a segment of a message he sent to Chad Mendes at the time. He certainly didn’t hold back in his correspondence with the American.

“You little steroid cheating fuck. Don’t be sour because your career amounted to nothing. Ignorant and disrespectful? What, like disrespecting the sport by taking steroids by dishonoring yourself and your opponent in a sport that someone could die? Shame on you, you little dipshit.”

What do you think of this unexpected back-and-forth between Michael Bisping and Chad Mendes.

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