Michael Bisping on Dan Henderson: You little snake

Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson continue with the rivalry.

Both are now retired, and the former UFC middleweight champion thought he’d reached a place where he could actually be cordial with Henderson.

Then this past weekend during the UFC 251 broadcast where Bisping was working commentary, Henderson posted a pair of messages on Twitter that started the beef all over again.

“I was like you f**king assh*le,” Bisping said when addressing Henderson’s comments on his “Believe You Me” podcast. “What a pr*ck. I get it, all right but it was a long time ago. It was 11 years ago.”

“I see Dan Henderson on occasion, not very often. I saw him, I was in Albuquerque or somewhere for a fight and Dan Henderson was there and we exchanged pleasantries and said hi. ‘Hey Dan, how you doing?’ that’s about it, whatever. A quick ‘how’s everything, all good.’ I thought you f**king little sh*t. You little f**king snake.”

Henderson decided to bring it up out of nowhere is what really caught him off guard.

“We had our thing, you knocked me out, you embarrassed me in front of the whole world,” Bisping said. “I was very upfront and honest about it. I talked about it in my book. I talked about it in my upcoming documentary about and when that documentary comes out you’ll see. In the book, I go into it in great detail and yeah, it did bother me. But it’s part of history, it’s part of my MMA career. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m kind of glad that happened because it made me a better fighter.”

“But for a guy that is older, an elder gentleman like him to be stewing that, you’re a f**king assh*le. You’re a piece of sh*t. Don’t be bitter. Just because he’s got nothing going on. I’m doing well. This podcast does good, I’m commentating, I’ve got businesses. I’m not showing off, I’m just saying my post athletic career is doing great. I’m not sure what Dan Henderson is doing.”

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