Mike Tyson advocating for marijuana to be removed from WADA banned list

Mike Tyson, Jake Plummer (NFL), Ricky Williams (NFL), Floyd Landis (road racing cyclist) and many other former and current athletes signed a petition for the removal of marijuana of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s prohibited substances list.

WADA is the organization that is setting the drug policy on all Olympic sports. Athletes for CARE, a non-profit that advocates for research into cannabis as a treatment for brain injury and other health issues, also announced a petition on Change.org. 

“We have found an improved quality of life through cannabis and natural cannabinoids, including significant therapeutic and wellness benefits, and these positives should be freely available to all other athletes,” read the letter to the WADA group of experts that is developing the 2021 banned list.

“In keeping with WADA’s values of ethics, fair play and honesty, the organization owes it to athletes to allow full access to this gentle but effective plant medicine.”

For example, recreational and medicinal marijuana is legalized in some parts of the world, but the world sporting leagues and federations are still treating marijuana as prohibited substance and a lot of sports figures are getting banned for using it.

One of the most notable cases in the past years was when Nevada State Atheltic Commission handed Nick Diaz a 5-year ban for his failed drug test of marijuana metabolites at UFC 183.

“Athletes for CARE is proud to have such a strong network of respected athletes campaigning for the removal of cannabis from the World Anti-doping Agency’s prohibited substance list,” Anna Symonds, a rugby player and Athletes for CARE representative, said in a statement. “We’re also calling on fans to show their support online via our Change.org petition.”

“Iron” Mike is big on the marijuana scene in the States – the former champion opened a 40-acre cannabis ranch in California where you can buy legally “KO Kush”.

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