“Minimum contacts – maximum security” during Tajikistan Nationals

The National SAMBO Championship of Tajikistan was held with unusual conditions. A feature of the tournament was the absence of spectators, which was caused by precautions in connection with the global coronavirus pandemic.

The main rule of the event, the organizers called “Minimum contacts – maximum security.”

165 athletes representing 7 regions of the republic took part in the competition, according to the press service of the National Olympic Committee of Tajikistan. The venue for the tournament was the training center for the national teams.

There are Komronshokh Ustopyrien, Akmaliddin Karimov, Khurshed Majidov and other famous sambists of the country among the winners of the Nationals.

The Championship has identified candidates for the country’s national team, which will take part in major international starts after the end of the world coronavirus pandemic.

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