MMA fighter drank fan’s beer during match

A MMA fighter was so thirsty during a fight, he took a fan’s beer and drank from it during the break between rounds.

Paulo “Bananada” Gonsalves finished the first round of his FFC 40 bout with Peru star Johnny Iwasaki and started climbing the cage while his opponent was getting advices from his team. At the top “Bananada” asked a fan for his beer and took a few big sips off of it when the plastic cup ended up in his hands. Standing on the cage, the 34-year-old lightweight fighter finished the drink and gave back the empty cup. He then received a tap on the leg by his coach and jumped back down to continue the bout.

Unfortunately for the beer loving fighter, the intake of the cold beverage didn’t help him win and he lost to Iwasaki with an unanimous decision.

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