Parker asks spars to foul him in order to prepare for Chisora

Joseph Parker’s trainers are making his sparring partners to repeatedly foul him as the team is preparing for the match against Derek Chisora.

Trainer Kevin Barry has called for fighters to break the rules in sparring with Parker as he fears Chisora will attempt to unsettle the Kiwi with crude tactics.

“I’ve actually got some very good sparring guys. I won’t name them. Guys who, one in particular, who is mimicking Chisora very well. Everything from leading with his head, using his elbows, and his forearms and low blows, and choking Joe with his arm, pushing Joe’s head down. All the fouls that we know Derek Chisora has as part of his skill-set. My biggest concern about this whole fight is the officials. I’m hoping now that we’ve signed with Eddie – I’m not worried about the judges because they are going to be independent – but I’m worried about the referee. It’s very, very important that we get a referee who can control a physical fight of this magnitude and can give us an even playing field,” Barry told Sky Sports.

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