MMA fighters sustains a gruesome arm injury during fight (VIDEO)

News flash – combat sports are dangerous.

In fighting the goal is quite obvious – the competitors intent to break each other’s faces, ribs and other parts of the body. Well, from time to time people, unfortunately, break themselves.

Salvador Becerra suffered a gruesome arm break in his MMA fight against Milko Tucto at the recent Combate Americas event held in the Peruvian city capital, Lima.

Tucto lifted his opponent, making a takedown. Becerra attempted to defend from slamming on the floor, by having his right hand used as a pillar. Yet, the weight and gravity took its own, snapping his arm.

Seeing what happened the referee rushed in. The fight was over. Tucto took the win by TKO in the first round. Becerra reportedly got medical attention.


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