Muay Thai vs. Taekwondo astonishing KO (VIDEO)

Style against style is not always the best thing to get involved in.

Yes, everybody wants to know if this guy can beat that guy, but sometimes things can get a little out of hands when you’re facing a fighter with a different background than yours.

This cross-style clash took place in Chengdu in 2009 and featured the coming together of a black-belt holder from the Chinese World Taekwondo Federation and a Muay Thai fighter.

The bout appeared to have been put on in-front of local news cameras. The preamble before the fight reveals that the taekwondo practitioner, Huang Xiaolong, has also trained in boxing and karate. It appears as though the unnamed Muay Thai fighter is an average fighter from a local school.

The fight itself lasts a whopping seven seconds. After they exchanged some light punches, Huang circled around the kickboxer. After he set himself, Huang hopped to begin a typical leaping taekwondo attack. However, as he rose up he was met with a thunderous head kick. Huang appeared to be knocked out in mid-air before sickeningly falling back to earth.

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