New AIBA president: There’s no doping in amateur boxing

The newly elected president of the Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) Umar Kremlev believes that there is no doping abuse amongst amateur boxers.

He admitted that AIBA is currently collecting and analysing data on the matter, but as of now he doesn’t see anything worrying.

“We are currently revising the statistics and we will see. As of now, we can say that we have no such problem. However, we would like to keep preventive measures in place against it”, Kremlev said in an interview with TASS.

Last week Kremlev won the elections with 57.33% of the vote, surpassing  Boris van der Vorst of the Netherlands With 30% of the vote and Interim AIBA President Mohamed Moustahsane of Morocco with 12.67%.

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