Nikolay Yorgov battles it out at SENSHI 5

One of Bulgaria’s finest fighters – Nikolay Yorgov claimed another win under the SENSHI banner.

Yorgov defeated Iran’s Majid Beigi after an additional 4th round in what was the third bout of SENSHI 5 fight card.

The collision was conducted under KWU SENSHI rules in the -80 kg category. The special guest referee was nonother than kickboxing legend Semmy Schilt.

The bout started calm and slowly, as both fighters landed a few leg kicks to feel the opponent. The Bulgarian tried some unorthodox maneuvers, but the Iranian champion used his height advantage and was quick on his defense.

The second part started great for Yorgov who landed two massive hooks to the head. it was way more interesting round than the first one, with Beigi playing smart and not letting Yorgov close to him, relying mostly on counter kicks.

The third round was a close one, as the clinches started to number up. The Iranian fighter made some successful throws and threw some good right hands, securing himself an additional round.

Unfortunately for him, Beigi had no fuel in the tank left and there was only one aggressor in the 4th part. Yorgov was elusive with his movement and throw good body shot that secured him the W.

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