Nikolay Yorgov edges Thomas Doeve at SENSHI

Bulgaria’s Nikolay Yorgov outclassed the Dutch Thomas Doeve in their matchup at the second edition of the gala evening SENSHI that took place this past Saturday in Sofia, Bulgaria.

That was Yorgov’s second SENSHI appearance, but this time the fighter from SC “Armeec” couldn’t get the KO. The two squared up in a K-1 fight in the 80 kg category. Doeve was one of the 4 fighters that the Dutch kickboxing legend Peter Aerts brought to Sofia for the event.

Yorgov was rather concentrated in the opening round and landed some magnificent kicks to the body of his opponent. The Bulgarian continued to dictate the pace and the tempo of the bout and thanks to his quick and powerful hands he managed to knock down Doeve several times.

The third round was by far the most equipollent of them all – Doeve throw some good combos with his hands in the body of Nikolay, but that wasn’t going to be enough for him to get the W, as Yorgov was patient and cool, knowing when to counter-attack and move forward.

In the end, the judge’s scorecards were all in favor of the Bulgarian who won via UD.

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