Kristiyan Georgiev outclasses Marcos Zinhani at SENSHI

The Bulgarian Kristyan Georgiev claimed the victory in his SENSHI debut this past Saturday night in Sofia, Bulgaria. The muay thai world champion defeated Brazils’s Marcos Zinhani in one of the four Karate Kyokushin fights that were conducted under the KWU INTERNATIONAL PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE rules.

Georgiev was really close to getting the KO, but Zinhani managed to get up twice from the canvas and the Bulgarian won the bout via UD.

The referee of the fight was Sensei Zahari Damyanov. Georgiev went in full attack mode right from the get going, throwing some mean left hooks to his opponent’s head. The Bulgarian won the second round as well, landing a lot of side kicks in Zinhani’s body which led to the first knockdown of the fight.

However, the Brazilian showcased his toughness and continued the bout. In the final round, Georgiev went hard for the KO, but his powerful right hooks couldn’t put Zinhani on the canvas for a third time.

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