Oscar De La Hoya: Canelo is not fighting Billy Joe Saunders

Golden Boy Promotions’ founder Oscar De La Hoya denied the rumors that Saul Alvarez will be fighting WBO super-middleweight champion, Billy Joe Saunders.


Alvarez is expected to be back in the ring on May 2 in Las Vegas, as all of a sudden a lot of US reports were suggesting the Brit is next in line for Canelo.

De la Hoya stated that he’ll be traveling to Mexico next week to meet with Canelo himself in order to discuss who will the next adversary be.

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“Saunders is not the frontrunner, that’s for sure. I have no idea who threw that name out there. I have a trip to Mexico to meet with Canelo and his team,” said De La Hoya to seconds out about Canelo’s next opponent.

“We’ll sit down, I’ll stay there for a few days, iron out a deal and take it from there. Once we have the name down, we’ll have an announcement shortly,” said De La Hoya.

“He did vacate his light heavyweight,” said De La Hoya about Canelo Alvarez. “I’m not sure if he wants to stay at light heavyweight? We’ll see. But I think he has a lot of options at super-middleweight. It may be a little bit difficult for him middleweight, but he has the option. That’s what’s great about Canelo. He’s not a tall guy.

“He’s a wide guy, and he’s got thick legs and a thick neck,” De La Hoya continued about Canelo.

“He knows how to cut weight, and he knows how to train hard and be disciplined. That’s the advantage that he has. He’s very disciplined, so he has the options. I think a super-middleweight would be a nice move for him, but it depends on his team. His team knows how his body feels,” said De Hoya.


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