Paulie Malignaggi: Ultimate Boxxer will be great!

Paulie Malignaggi outlined the new Ultimate Boxxer tournament taking place on May 10th at the “O2 Arena”.

Malignaggi spoke to World Boxing News:

“So when you build a brand it’s a positive thin. But also growing the opportunity for the fighters. The passion for doing this is giving these fighters their talent shown on a global radar.”

Ultimate Boxxer is also scheduled to produce five shows a year for the network.

“I think there’s a lot of positives about BT Sport picking up this whole concept. Minly it has to do with views. Those views come into play with making the brand bigger. It gives the opportunity for the fighters and the winners to showcase themselves in a positive way. Now, all of sudden, the perception of their career changes even more drastically because there’s more eyes on them.”

The Ultimate Boxxer tournaments are well known for their one night events.

“We’re not going to make sure we try to get this guy to win because he’s tied to this network or he’s tied to this promoter or what not. Realistically speaking, these aren’t the fighters that have those deals because if you have your deals already set. Usually you wouldn’t take that risk so early in your career. These are the sort of opportunities in Ultimate Boxxer where fighters may have the talent but they can’t be seen by open eyes or get in front of the right people.”

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