Peter Aerts celebrates his birthday with a training session in Varna

The K-1 legend Peter Aerts celebrated his 49th birthday with a training session in Varna. The three-time world heavyweight champion is one of the head-instructors at the KWU International professional League seminar and a special guest for the fourth edition of SENSHI.

Image: Milen Lesseman

No days off for The Dutch Lumberjack, even on his birthday. He held not one, but two training sessions with 150 other kickboxers. The sessions were at one of the sports halls in The Palace of Culture and Sport in Varna at included clinch drills, shadow boxing, closing the distance, etc.

Image: Milen Lesseman
As soon as the legend arrived at the sports hall he was welcomed with a song by the young athletes. At the end of the morning session, he was even surprised with a big birthday cake and the number 18 on it. He showed a great sense of humor, by saying he is feeling like he is 37 years old.
Image: Milen Lesseman

Everybody wanted to take a picture with Aerts, and of course, he had absolutely no problem with that. He expressed his gratefulness at the end of the practice. The second session of the day was even more special, as another fellow kickboxing legend and friend of Aerts took part in it – Ernesto Hoost. They were both teaching and correcting the fighters’ mistakes.

Image: Milen Lesseman

On saturday the last training session of the seminar will be held by Mr. Perfect and The Dutch Lumberjack. This will happen in the morning and in the evening the 4th edition of SENSHI will take place. The starting hour of the fights is 19:00 CEET.

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