PFL suspends 2020 season

One of the premier MMA promotions in the world has called it a year for 2020.

The Professional Fighters League (PFL) is canceling all its events for 2020. Unlike most companies, PFL has a unique sports-season format that includes a regular season, a postseason and a championship event.

All the scheduled fight nights will take place in Springtime of 2021.

The announcement was made yesterday by the CEO of the company Peter Murray:

“In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Professional Fighters League has rescheduled our upcoming 2020 season for Spring 2021. PFL is a global MMA league with athletes from over 25 countries, and our decision is guided by the health and safety of our fighters, fans, partners, and event personnel.

“The PFL mission is to evolve and grow the sport of MMA, and we look forward to staging our unique sport-season format with Regular Season, Playoff and Championship events on ESPN platforms next year. PFL has always been focused on delivering the best made-for-TV MMA product and we will continue to deliver the most innovative fight experience going forward. Fans can also look forward to PFL elevating our roster with new championship-caliber fighter signings such as Rory MacDonald.”

Another major announcement is that PFL plans to support its roster of fighters by paying them a monthly stipend.

“For the remainder of 2020, the PFL will support our fighters with a monthly cash stipend to help provide some relief during these challenging times. Our thoughts are with all those impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus.”

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