PIC: TJ Dillashaw shredded like never before

If you were thinking that the UFC bantamweight champion – TJ Dillashaw (17-3-0), wont be able to drop down to the 125 division… think again.

After 10 days Dillashaw will face the flyweight champ Henry Cejudo (13-2-0) and if “The Viper” gets the “W” he’ll become the fourth UFC fighter that hold two belts simultaneously.

UFC Fight Night 143 will take place in Brooklyn, next Saturday.

There were a lot of doubters that Dillashaw will manage to cut his weight to 125 pounds, but two days ago the 32-year-old american showed his new body on a Instagram post.

It’s probably safe to say that there will be no replacements needed for main event of the evening…

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