Pro boxers allowed at amateur tournament

In India the local Boxing Federation (BFI) has allowed professional boxers to compete in amateur tournaments sanctioned by it, bringing itself in sync with the stand taken by world body AIBA.

The decision was taken at an Executive Committee meeting on Thursday and is applicable with immediate effect. The national championships for men are scheduled to be held in October, followed by the women’s tournament, and both the events might see participation by pro boxers for the first time.

“In the recently concluded Executive Committee meeting, it was discussed and decided that since the International Boxing Association (AIBA) is allowing such relaxations, BFI, too, allows similar relaxations for such boxers to participate in the State/National or Inter-Department tournaments. This decision will be applicable with immediate effect and all boxers who have played professionally in the past can seek relief under this note,” stated a letter from BFI secretary general Jay Kowli to all member states and units.

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