Rugby star has ‘a large amount of fear’ ahead of Bellator debut

Former English rugby star James Haskell has admitted that there is “a large amount of fear” in him befor his supposed MMA debut.

It is unclear when exactly will this happen, but for sure the future MMA fighter has out a lot of thought in int.

“Once I stopped nervously laughing, it peaked my interest a bit. I have a real interest, a real passion, for this. I went back to my wife, she didn’t find it as funny, obviously she looked at me like I was kind of mad. The first thing I did was pick up the phone to London Shootfighters—I’ve known them since I’m 21—and I said to them, ‘I’ve trained down there, you know I love this sport. What do you think of me giving it a go?’ They unanimously came back and gave their support. I asked them would they train me, because for me that was really important factor…I talked to my friends and I talked to my family and there was overwhelming support for doing it. I’ve gone out of one sport that has been very attritional and very tough, going into something that’s unknown. Personally, there is a large amount of fear involved. Anyone who says they aren’t scared of this kind of thing is either lying or coming up with pre-tense. For me, I want to test myself. I was always going to do the training; I was always going to do the jiu-jitsu, the boxing and the wrestling. A lot of the times over the years I’ve worked with [London Shootfighters] a lot on my wrestling to help with my tackling and takedowns—single leg, double leg—and I’ve really enjoyed it,” Haskell said.

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