Rafael Lovato Jr. plans to return to MMA

Former Bellator MMA middleweight champion and one of the most prolific BJJ fighters in history – Rafael Lovato Jr. is contemplating a return to the world of mixed martial arts.

The American was forced to quit MMA two years ago when a rare medical condition hit him.

Lovato said “Retired is not quite the word I like to use, instead, I was sidelined and I’m hoping that’s indefinite, not definite. I definitely want to fight at least one more time. I’ve heard doctors say “You should definitely not fight” and then I’ve heard some say “No, it’s super low risk” I just know that I want to be back in the cage.”

After walking away from MMA, Lovato returned to BJJ and Grappling competitions in 2020.


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Lovato is a three-time World No-Gi champion, two-time Pan Am champion and multiple medalist from various international events.

The last time he was seen inside the cage was in 2019 when he defeated Gegard Mousasi, capturing the Bellator middleweight crown.

Source: www.bjjee.com

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