Referees and fighters get together before the epic battles in Moscow

The referee course before one of the most anticipated event of the year Battle of the Champions 11: School vs. School took place earlier today. Referees, fighters and organizers of the event got together for clarification of the fighting rules.

The referees explained the rules in details to the fighters and their coaches. For the first time outside of Bulgaria fights under the SENSHI KWU Rules will be held. Besides that, the world WAKO kickboxing title and the Intercontinental WMC muay thai title will be at stake.

Fighters, coaches, referees and officials together

Two bulgarians will be part of the referee crew. The four-time european kyokushin champion and Bulgaria’s national kyokushin team head coach Sensei Zahari Damyanov will be one of them.  Bulgaria’s national muay thai team head coach Nikolay Atanasov will  also be the third man in the ring for some of the bouts.

The european champion and silver medalist from world championship Jan Sokoup (Czech Republic) will face the two-time world champ Timur Gastashev (Russia). The two spectacular fighters will square up for the SENSHI KWU title. Another SENSHI cup holder Andrey Chehonin will also be part of the event. You can see the full list of the fights here.

Jan Sokoup in a good mood before his fight

The epic fights will take place on 1st of November (tomorrow) at “Luzhniki”. The Russian Martials Arts Union is the host of this one of a kind event. You can watch the bouts here.

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