Reports: Rico – Badr 3 could happen in 2020

The trilogy fight between kickboxing heavyweight greats Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari could be happening earlier than most people think, according to the leading Dutch website Vechtsport Info NL.

The media outlet spoke to a person who has inside info with the current situation GLORY is in, but he requested to be kept anonymous.

Even though GLORY’s financial situation is far from perfect, the pair could be lined up for a third time in order to get fans hyped and potential money flow to be ingested.

“Both Rico and Badr did not previously respond directly to each other’s challenges via social media, this was actually agreed between the teams,” the source said.

“GLORY Kickboxing also suddenly went to its own social media very quickly to get the matter out. That is also striking.”

“It has everything that one has to do now that the organization is under attack.”


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