Russia hosted Bushido Mon Summer Camp 2019 (VIDEO)

The Inter-regional Bushido Mon Summer Camp 2019 was held near Moscow from June 28 to July 3.

Shihan Victor Fomin led the the camp, assisted by Sensei Yulia Tseytlina. There were about 90 participants from different regions of Russia (Moscow and Moscow region, Republics of Karelia and Mordovia, Gai and Volgograd) including representatives of Israel, headed by Shihan Itzik Ashkenazi, and Switzerland. The foundation of the training sessions — deeper learning IFK Syllabus including kata like traditional and competitive discipline Budo karate.

There were also such training subjects as “Knife and Self-defense”, “Street unarmed Self-defense” (including Shihan Itzik Ashkenazi’s presentation of Israelian Krav Maga system). There was also practical general learning of operating with traditional Cossacks’ weapons (Nagaika, Arapnik whip, Bebut, Shashka) and with a belt on the same technical basement.

The night training sessions included separate testing of kata performances by students, all participants’ stamina, kata competition of 2 sportsmen performing katas with weapons (all competitions with judging), meditation (sound and vibration meditation) performed mainly by black belts.

The Camp was completed with Kyu grading from the 9th to the 1st kyu with 100% successful rate.


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