Russia wins the tenth annual combat sambo tournament “Plotforma S-70”

The tenth annual international combat sambo tournament “Plotforma S-70” was held on August 14 in Sochi, Russia.

22 fighters were separated into two teams – Team Russia and Team World. Team World was represented by fighters from Great Britain, USA, Brasil, Uruguay, and South Korea. The home team secured the win after 6-5 victory and captured the team trophy.

In the title fight in the weight category up to 93 kg, Russian Arthur Astakhov and Brazilian Leonardo Silva De Oliveira met, where the representative of Team World was the stronger one. The special prize “For the will to win” was awarded to Ivan Bogdanov.

“The objectives of the tournament are to popularize Combat SAMBO throughout the world and expand its geography. We have entered the Olympic family, we need to increase the number of countries involved in our sport,” Renat Layshev, Director General of the SAMBO-70 Sports and Education Center said.

The tournament was attended by some of the finest Russian athletes. Hollywood actor Eric Anthony Roberts was also in attendance.

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