Sam Greco entered beast mode with knees (VIDEO)

One of the greatest karatekas and kickboxing fighters of all time – Salvatore “Sam” Greco remembers 1994, when Seido Kai Kan Karate World Cup took place in Japan.

Greco posted in Instagram interesting story about the fight with German opponent Andre Mewis, and how he entered the “beast mode” with knee shots:

“When you execute one of your favourite techniques and slightly miss your mark? Okay… it was supposed to land on the inside of his left leg but unfortunately my calculations might of been slightly off, downing my German opponent Andre Mewis unintentionally . Thankfully it wasn’t critical and we continued to fight on. With that being said , In order for me to win and stay in the tournament, I had to either KO him or knock him down. So what did I do? I just turned on… “GRECO BEAST MODE”and BAM! There it was. That’s what kept me in the tournament and I went on to win the 1994 SeidoKaiKan World Tournament that day. Glorious day and great memories.”


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