Samart Payakaroon for Boec.BG: Muay Thai is very dangerous sport

Samart Payakaroon is Muay Thai living legend, born in 1962 with real name Samart Tiptarmai. He is considered by many to be the greatest man in this sport of all time.

Samart become a multiple time Lumpinee stadium champion and a WBC world champion in boxing (1986). His style is unique. Technically skilled and attractive – his fan base grew rapid.

His first visit in Bulgaria is with special invite from BCKMT confederation. Payakaroon was part of training camp in Varna, Bulgaria.

He visited the fighters in the gym and showed them some of his signature moves. In the end Schilt gave exclusive interview for the audience of Boec.BG:

“We have great partnership with BCKMT confederation. It is my first visit here in Bulgaria. I am coaching your high level fighters and showing them my signature moves. I know Bulgaria has some tough men and top class fighters.”, Payakaroon said.

“Muay Thai is very dangerous sport, maybe the most. It’s number 1 in my country (Thailand). Hasn’t changed a lot last couple of years. Maybe it’s a little bit less risky. Also nowadays is more popular on international level. There are more fighters.”

“This sport gave me all – glory, career, food. My parents pushed me hard – me and my brothers. We all are connected with Muay Thai”, he adds.

“First and most important thing is that you need to like and love this sport. You need to practise and concentrate.”

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