Ernesto Hoost for Boec.BG: Keep kickboxing!

Ernesto Hoost is former kickboxer from Netherlands. He is born on July 11  1965 in Heemskerk. He is four-time K-1 world champion and four-time K-2 Grand Prix champion.

Hoost has won 99 of his matches, lost 21 and drew 1. He is known as „Mr. Perfect“.

Ernesto Hoost was part of training camp in Varna, Bulgaria. He gave exclusive interview for the audience of Boec.BG:

Mr. Hoost, BCKMT confederation invited you here. How do you rate the setup of the camp?

– It was perfect. I sleep in nice hotel, the training sessions are well organized. I had a lot of fun.

What do you think about bulgarian kickboxers?

– A lot of them have full contact style, but manage to adapt to the european muay thai style.

What impressed you the most?

– The devotion of bulgarian trainers. All exercises were finished 100% strict.

What is your opinion for the worlds kickboxing now. Do you see a lot of changes?

– Back in the day К-1 was more popular than Glory is now. I hope this changes, because it is important for the sport.

What is your advice for the young kickboxers?

– Just go to the gym and have fun. When I started there was no club in my city. So I waited 2 years… I still enjoy this sport nowadays, after 37 years.

What are your plans?

I want to keep going on. People are happy when I teach them. I want to keep kickboxing.

In the end – what will you say to our audience?

– Keep watching. Keep reading. Keep kickboxing. OSS!

Author: Lachezar Todorov, Boec.BG

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