Sambo proclaimed September 7 as a “Fair play” day

From this year September 7 will be a special day for everyone who follows the principles of fair play in sports.

The corresponding decision was made by the International Fair Play Committee. September 7 will turn into a holiday when Fair Play will be spoken about louder than usual.

And SAMBO has something to say here. In 2016, Belarusian Stepan Popov became the first sambist in history who was awarded the high award of the International “Fair Play” organization – a diploma for a gesture in the spirit of fair struggle. Recall that in the final match of the first European Games in Baku, Popov helped an injured opponent to leave the mat.

This act has caused widespread resonance throughout the world. The video gained hundreds of thousands of views on the Internet, and was also included in the presentation of SAMBO and FIAS at the Congress of European Media in Minsk 2015. At this congress, at the initiative of FIAS, the NOC of Belarus and the Belarusian Sports Press Association, it was decided to apply for the nomination of Stepan Popov for the “Fair Play” award. And the hero himself received the nickname “noble” in the media.

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