Scott Coker planning to restart shows in February

tt Coker said that the second biggest MMA organization in the world will resume its fight activity in February.

Like much of the sporting world in 2020, Bellator MMA was highly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. A total of six events got canceled last year before the company started producing shows again in July.

That being said, the second part of the past year was way better than the first one, as Bellator produced fight nights deep into December.

Many fans are eager for Bellator to come back in January, but they will have to wait a bit more, according to the man in power.

“We’ll probably still produce our 22 to 26 events,” Coker said. “That’s what we’re thinking in the ballpark, then some fights in Europe as things open up. That’s kind of the thought process.”

“As far as starting, we’re probably thinking sometime in February,” Coker said. “We haven’t locked a date down yet, but that’s probably what we’re thinking in February to launch with our first fight of 2021.”

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