Semmy Schilt for Boec.BG: Bulgarian kickboxers will improve

Semmy Schilt is one of the most popular kickboxers. And there is a reason. He is one-time Glory Heavyweight Grand Slam Champion and four-time K-1 World Grand Prix Champion. Semmy was part of training camp in Varna, Bulgaria.

He visited the fighters in the gym and showed them some of his signature moves. In the end Schilt gave exclusive interview for the audience of Boec.BG:

Mr. Schilt, BCKMT confederation invited you here. How do you rate the setup of the camp?

– This is great idea that will improve bulgarian kickboxers.

What do you think about them?

– There were also a lot of fighters in karate. It helps a lot for the kickboxer’s development.

What is your opinion for the worlds kickboxing now. Do you see a lot of changes?

– Today there are a lot more organisations. Back in the day there was only К-1. I think the changes are positiv.

What are you going to say to everyone who is not confident yet – going to the gym?

– Just find good gym in your neighbourhood and start.

What about your plans?

– I have my own gym in Netherlands. I want to make it viral – the brand “Semmy Schilt kickboxing”

In the end – what will you say to our audience?

– Keep reading the website, it is the best. OSS!

Author: Lachezar Todorov

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