SENSHI Cup: Alisher Karmenov vs. Artur Arushanyan – 4.07.2019 (VIDEO)

The first bout of SENSHI Cup’s second night was a semi-final in the -65 kg category between the 22-years-old Alisher Karmenov from Kazakhstan and the 25-years-old Artur Arushanyan from Armenia.

It was a tough fight for both competitors. Karmenov showcased some pretty good punching skills, throwing from different angles and always finishing his combinations the right way. The older Arushanyan was always cautious of his opponent’s moves and the Armenian karateka was light on his feet, but never forgetting to counter or jab and out. In the end, there was an additional 4th round. Karmenov was the fresher fighter and thanks mostly to his kicks he managed to get the W via UD.

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