SENSHI Cup: Andrey Chekhonin vs. Mohammad Asadi – 3.07.2019 (VIDEO)

The 14th bout of SENSHI Cup’s opening night was a semi-final in the -80 kg category between the 30-years-old Andrey Chekhonin form Russia and the 23-years-old Mohammad Asadi from Iran.

It was the second time the experienced Russian participated in SENSHI event, having his first fight back in April.

Right from the get-going, Chekhonin and Asadi exchanged a lot of low-kicks, with the Russian standing in the center of the ring, while his younger opponent was the one moving to the periphery of the ring. The second round was the decisive one, as Chekhonin started using his fast hands, landing some good punches that were connecting most of the time. Everything was set and done just before the end of Round 2 when Andrey finished one of his combination with a glamorous left hook that sent Asadi to the canvas.

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