SENSHI Cup: Nikolay Yorgov vs. Marcos Zinhani – 3.07.2019 (VIDEO)

The 15th and final bout of SENSHI Cup’s opening night was a semi-final in the -80 kg category between the home crowd hero Nikolay Yorgov and the Brazilian Marcos Zinhani.

The 28-years-old Yorgov made his third SENSHI appearance while the 28-year-old South American was entering SENSHI’s ring for a second time.

Yorgov had the better start, showcasing some serious boxing skills, but Zinhani weathered the storm and finished the round in a perfect manner, landing a vicious right hand that shook the Bulgarian. The beginning of the second round was for Zinhani, who once again showcased his fast right hand and knocked down Yorgov, but Nikolay responded with some nice low-kicks that threw off Zinhani. The third round was the decisive one, but Yorgov got the better of his opponent. In the end, the judges scored the fight 3:0 in favor of the Bulgarian karateka.

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