SENSHI Cup opening night turns out to be huge success

The opening night of SENSHI Cup turned out to be extremely exciting and successful.

The 15 fights that took place at the Amphitheatre in Kamchia were all conducted under the rules of the new KWU International Professional League. Karatekas from all over the world squared off in some of the most fascinating Kyokushin fights you’ll ever see.

The new rules that included hits to the head, elbows, and throws helped tremendously for the fight show and the spectacle was on point.

There were 15 Kyokushin bouts in 4 different weight categories. The second part of the gala evening is tonight when we’re continuing with the semi-finals and the finals in 8 separate categories.

Here are all the results from last night:

Reserve fight, -65 kg

Artyom Grigoriyan (ARM) df. Vedat Azgan (TUR) via UD

Quarter-finals, -65 kg

Alisher Karmenov (KAZ) df. Omar Magomedov (RUS) via SD

Artur Arushanyan(ARM) df. DmitriyRomanov (RUS) via TKO, Rnd 2

Victor Xavier (BRA) df. Saipudin Dzhavatkhanov (TUR) via SD

Georgi Georgiev (BUL) df. Kiril Grigoriev (RUS) via TKO, Rnd 1


Quarter-finals, -70 kg

Suliman Kosumov (RUS) df. Volodymyr Serheiev (UKR) via TKO, Rnd 3

Seraly Abilkassym (KAZ) df. Ruslan Hasanou (BLR) via TKO, Rnd 1

Pavel Cherepanov (RUS) df. Hayk Kachiyan (ARM) via UD

Petar Stoykov (BUL) df. Suhrob Nazarov (TAJ) via KO, Rnd 1


Reserve fight, -75 kg

Ruslan Nasibulin (BLR) df. Ahmadjon Karomatov (TAJ) via TKO, Rnd 1

Semi-finals, -75 kg

Artur Arutiunian(ARM) df. Nikita Moshkin (RUS) via KO, Rnd 3

Siarhei Charnetski (BLR) df. Andrey Kotov (KAZ) via TKO, Rnd 3

Reserve fight, -80 kg

Mubariz Agamaliev (TUR) df. Bogdan Gabriel Curiman (ROM) via UD

Semi-finals, -80 kg

Andrey Chekhonin(RUS) df. Mohammad Asadi (IRAN) via KO, Rnd 2

Nikolay Yorgov (BUL) df. Marcos Zinhani (BRA) via UD


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