“SENSHI Cup” announced for July 6

The newest fighting championship in Bulgaria- SENSHI will have his third edition this upcoming summer. On July 6 the Resort of Kamchia (near Varna) will be hosting “SENSHI Cup”. This time all the fights will be conducted under the Kyokushin World Union (KWU) rules.

The first two SENSHI events had incorporated kickboxing and muay thai fights, but this time Kyokushin full contact bouts will rule the night. The first SENSHI gala evening was held in February in Varna while the second one was in April in Sofia. The second fight night in Sofia on April 20 included 4 fights under the KWU International Professional League rules.

The venue and the date of the third edition are not chosen by accident. “SENSHI Cup” will take place on July 6 and it will be part of the annual XIII KWU INTERNATIONAL SUMMER CAMP KAMCHIA 30.06- 07.07.2019.

The Summer Camp in Kamchia is one of the biggest events in the world of Kyokushin, as every year more than 1500 karatekas from all over the world are getting together for a week. The International summer camp will be held in accordance with the international calendar of the Bulgarian Karate Kyokushin Federation:
• strengthening the friendship between members of international organizations of KWU;
• increasing the level of mastery of participants (they must at least 14-years-old and prize winners of international and national tournaments)
• improving the qualification of coaches;
• examinations for new style qualifications;

More information will be provided in the upcoming weeks.

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