SENSHI Lecture #4 with Nicholas Pettas: You can’t win without the right mindset

The fourth and final “Master Mind” lecture by Nicholas Pettas during the ongoing SENSHI Summer training camp that took place on Friday in Kamchia was insightful and one to remember.

This time “The Blue-Eyed Samurai” was accompanied by the first-ever man to win the K-1 WGP four times – Ernesto “Mr. Perfect” Hoost who sat in the same chair Sam Greco and Semmy Schilt sat on.

The “Master Mind” lecture began with an emotional presentation by Pettas who welcomed his friend and former colleague Ernesto Hoost.

The four-time K-1 king told his story and shared his memories from the time he was starting in the martial arts, making a turn to professional fighting after only four fights in the amateurs.

“My mindset was if I make it to the final, I have to win”, Hoost said. The Dutch legend in 8-1 in finals in his pro career.

“Mr.Perfect” revealed his training regime back in the days when he was dominating inside the ring. According to him, he was training between 8-10 hours weekly, with each session being around 1 hour long. He also said that the weightlifting sessions were алмост always а circuit training.

“I was the first guy in the gym. I was doing 3 sets with 12 reps on a high note. Then I had 30 seconds to rest between the sets and the total amount of time I was doing was approximately 45 minutes. It was important for me to work on my speed”, Hoost added.


Morning session – Weightlifting; Afternoon session – Sparring


Free day or weightlifting


Same as Monday


Running or rest


Same as Wednesday




Running on a rugged terrain

“If I felt tired, I skipped training. I knew my body well and I knew what I had to do. But I always gave myself time to recover in a way I felt it was best suited for me”, Hoost said.

Hoost also admitted that he didn’t also listen to his coach.

“Everybody knows what’s best for him, but you need experience. Me, I didn’t always listen to my coach. He can’t feel what I’m feeling inside the ring, For example, if I get hit or something hurts me. So yeah, the coach isn’t always right”, Mr. Perfect finished.

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