Sergio Martinez says boxing comeback is not about money

Former world titleholder Sergio Martinez (51-3-2, will end his retirement later this month as he takes on Jose Miguel Fandino (15-6, 8 KOs) on August 21st, but despite what you may think, he says it’s not because he needs money.

“I am not coming back for money. I am lucky to have things earned and put by for a good life. There are very solid foundations regarding the business I have. My return may be the beginning of something very beautiful or it may be the end of something very beautiful.”

Martinez, 45, hasn’t fought professionally since he got stopped by Miguel Cotto in June 2014. It was clear in that fight that Martinez’s knees had basically disintegrated over the years — and typically that’s not something that really gets any better with time — but Martinez clearly feels good enough to give it another go.

Fandino, 36, is a Spanish fighter who has mostly fought in his native country, where he’ll also fight Martinez. Interestingly enough, Fandino is also scheduled for another fight seven weeks after facing Martinez, which tells me he’s prepared to either win swiftly or lose swiftly in this outing. My hunch is the latter.

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