Silva doubts about fighting again

MMA legend Anderson Silva is not sure about the future of his professional carrer. The fighter is asking himself if he can fight again:

“Hello, everyone … I’m constantly asking myself, what are each of us doing on this planet? If life is just about living for the sake of living the hours and minutes to the maximum, that is definitely not my motto.”, Silva started.

“I have full conviction that there is a bigger meaning in everything that we live and do here, life in this terrestrial plane has a bigger meaning than just living for the sake of living. I believe it’s a constant search for evolution. In these four days, after yet another unsuccessful mission, I’m questioning whether I should or not keep training, dedicating myself, overcoming injuries, pain, etc. I ask myself always, ‘Is the love that I feel for my sport consuming my mind and my body to the point I can no longer continue?’ Anyway… Everything I’ve always done was to be a good soldier in my battle field, the most well-trained, the most disciplined and ready to die for my mission, because my love for my job has always talked and still talks louder. I am totally certain that I can do all of this another 1000 times, but the last four days with pain and uncertainty, which are not new in my everyday life, are consuming more than before. Actually, my heart and my warrior mind confuse me to the point of creating doubts. On the one hand, I realize I’m not and I don’t need to be perfect, how much this search has brought me good things and bad things over the years.

“Why did I decide to tell you about what I’m feeling? Because I believe that many of those of you who follow me like and admire my work and, on the other hand, I’m always trying to bring positive messages of motivation to all of you. Guys, what we really must do is take all the opportunities that life gives us to improve ourselves as people. Therefore, always remember that failures are your best teachers and that it’s in the hard moments that people need to find reasons to keep going forward. Our actions, especially when we need to overcome ourselves, make us better people. Our ability to resist and stay on path is what makes us special people.”

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