Social media can’t stop laughing at Mayweather and his new opponent

Boxing living legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. is and japaneese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa are being mocked by the social  media for quite some time now. The two champions will box on New Year`s eve in Japan. What’s pissing people off even more is that the 5-divisonal boxing champ will get paid 9-fiugres for taking part in that exhibition match.

The official promo video for the match has grabbed the attention of many, however, people take it more as a joke:

Mayweather himself considers the match as fun. On the other hand, his opponent takes it more seriously and wants to prove himself in front of the home crowd.

“9 minutes of fun. I’m in the entertainment business now.”, says Floyd.

The rules of the fight are the following:

  1.  The match will be in the 66.5 kg division
  2. 3×3 min. rounds
  3. Boxing rules
  4. No judges
  5. 8 Oz. boxing gloves
  6. The result from the bout will not be considered in both fighters official statistics

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