Spence vs Garcia: Angel Garcia predicts seventh round stoppage win

During this interview with our friends at Fight Hub TV, trainer Angel Garcia discusses what he saw in Errol Spence Jr. during their final press conference and how they plan to approach this fight in order to regain championship status. Check out some excerpts below…

Angel Garcia on predicting a 7th round stoppage for Danny:

“Listen, I can just look at the man. I know that the man’s a champion and all that, I give him that credit — he’s not all there.

“I can study people, man. I can read your soul, man. I’m looking inside his soul, I’m not look at his physical. I’m looking inside his soul. He’s not a bad person, don’t get me wrong…I’m just saying, I can see it.

“I see a man not 100 there. He’s talking like he’s programmed to talk like that, to believe. It’s okay to believe, nothing wrong with believing, but you have to be there spiritually, physically, and mentally. This is a brutal business, man.

“Not that I’m bringing the crash up ‘cause that ain’t got nothing to do with the fight, but me, personally, if I had a fighter or a friend that went through trauma like that, I wouldn’t be putting them nine months later in the ring. But that’s not my problem. That’s not my problem, that’s between them over there.”

On if they plan to put a lot of pressure and go right after Spence to test him:

“Well we’re gonna go in there smart. We’re not gonna go in there haywire…We’re gonna go in there using the jab, we’re gonna dominate. We’re gonna control everything. We’re gonna slip, we’re gonna dip, we’re gonna counter. We’re gonna give him some leather.”

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