Stephen Thompson reacts to his KO loss to Anthony Pettis (VIDEO)

Stephen Thompson is without question one of the most beloved fighters out there.

“Wonderboy” trash talk and sense of humor have always been all about fun and entertainment in a good way. Now in hard times such as these, the American is once again putting a smile on our faces.

The former UFC welterweight title challenger has reacted to his first-ever KO loss by the hands of Anthony Pettis last year.

The two competitors met each other in March of 2019. Many believed “Showtime” was the underdog going into the fight and they were spot on for the first 9 minutes of the clash.

Moments before the second round came to an end, Pettis landed an unbelievable “Superman” punch right to the face of Thompson who fell on the ground immediately.

Obviously time heals and almost a year later Thompson demonstrated once again how much of a true sportsman he is, watching and laughing at his own loss.

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