Swiss Judo Federation has a new President

The Swiss Judo Federation elected a new board on the 6th of June 2020.

The newly elected President is a bronze medallist from the 2008 Olympic Games, and the most successful Swiss judoka, Sergei Aschwanden. The 44-year-old Aschwanden shared his vision for the future;

“We have lost more than 6000 members in the last years and the main aim is that the number of members should grow again. My idea is also to centralize the training for the high-performance athletes and to decentralize the young talents. They should train near their residence or in regional judo centers. We should concentrate the financial resources in one national training center, to encourage competition among the champions.”

He also plans to establish a foundation to support the federation. 

“Judo is a great sport for children, socially underprivileged, disabled persons and refugees. Important is that we train and bring everybody with Judo passion together. Athletes of all generations, provenance, professionals, and amateurs should be united to support the federation.”

New board of Swiss Judo Federation

President: Sergei Aschwanden
Executive Committee
Mr. Linus Bruhin – Vice president
Mrs. Jacqueline de Quattro – Vice president
Mr. Yu Higashigaito – Vice president
Mr. David Sigos – Vice President

General Secretary – Samuel KNOEPFEL


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