Terence Crawford: Spence – Porter is a 50/50 fight

Terence Crawford was asked by a fan about who he favored in the upcoming Errol Spence vs. Shawn Porter championship unification matchup.

Crawford gave each man an equal chance to win the fight and claim the WBC/IBF belts in the welterweight division.

Many boxing fans feel Spence is the favorite to win as he is the bigger, taller fighter and like Crawford is also undefeated, reports Boxingnews24.

Spence also carries power in both hands and has shown great ability to cut off the ring and do damage against his opponents.

Image: БТА

Porter acknowledges that Spence is a complete fighter that is very well rounded, but feels Spence has never fought someone like him before. Porter thinks his constant aggression and own heavy power will force Spence into situations he has never been in before.

The winner of the Spence-Porter fight will hold two of the four major belts in the welterweight division. The other title holders would be Crawford and WBA champion Manny Pacquiao.

Image: БТА

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