The great masters: Yoji Fujimoto Sensei (Part 2)

Part 1.

His arrival in Italy, although it does not exactly coincide with the return to Japan of the master Tada, is providential and somehow manages to fill the irremediable void left by him. Since then he will continue forever in the mission entrusted to him by Tada sensei.
For years it multiplies, holding rallies, events and lessons in all the Dojo of Italy, having as its base Milan, where he founded the Aikikai Milano – Dojo Fujimoto.

His intense and fraternal collaboration with Hosokawa sensei challenges the perplexities of those who believe they need a single point of reference, fearing those diversities that are instead the indispensable enrichment that every person should experience.

His work marks the life of many Italian practitioners, his teaching rests on solid and immovable foundations and touches the top of high school and for his many passionate students the incentives to follow are still unchanged from the first day of his arrival. his lessons, the pleasure of continuous discovery, the wait that precedes each new meeting on the mat.

Not always and not everyone has been able to understand the reasons for his dichotomy, that apparently incurable contradiction between a sunny, transparent and cheerful character and the inflexibility of his teaching and his judgments.

Source: Facebook/Aikido

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