The greatest underdog story in Muay Thai: Yoddecha Sityodtong

If you’ve seen the show “Human Weapon,” you’ve seen Yoddecha. Many know him as the famous Muay Thai champion from the legendary Sityodtong camp, but not many know of his incredible story. Coming from an abusive household, Yoddecha Sidyodtong left home when he was 7 years old. Before he would eventually become a Muay Thai champion, Yoddecha had once been enslaved in a child smuggling ring where he was made to peddle food on the streets, and beaten up when the day’s earnings were too little. This went on for 3 years until he eventually escaped. Muay Thai and Sityodtong gym saved his life. But Yoddecha didn’t manage to find his way home until almost 10 years later. By then, his family thought he had died. This is Yoddecha’s harrowing story of how a poor kid who was constantly bullied and beaten eventually triumphed the odds and became a Muay Thai champion.

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