The KWU European championship for juveniles will be in Germany

For the second time in KWU’s history the federation will host the European championship for juveniles. The Tournament is scheduled for 17.05.2019-19.05.2019 in the capital of Germany – Berlin. Head-referee will be Shihan Ramil Gabassov (Russina), his substitute will be sensei Aleksay Demanov (Germany) and secretary will be Prolet Vasileva (Bulgaria).

The rest of the referees are to be announced. The competition will be under the ruleset of –

Special guests will be: hanshi Steve Arnell, shihan Andrey Drevnyak, shihan Ivo Kamenov, shihan Luke Hollander, shihan Antonio Pinheo and the secretery of KWU sensei Aleksandr Pichkunov.

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